Colleyville Roofing Services; Locating The Source of Flat Roof Leaks

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All different types of roofing are difficult to repair when leaking, but flat roofs are the most challenging and tricky for an inexperienced roofer. This is mostly because it is more difficult to find the main source of the leak. It is much easier to determine the point of entry on steep-sloped roofing because the slant on the roof makes the water drip downwards, according to local Colleyville roofing contractors. But when a flat roof is leaking, there is little to no slope for the water to drip down so the water may travel far from where it is entering the home. So it is not surprising at all to find water in a location that is far off from the entry of the leak.

If your flat or steep-slope roof is leaking and you are having trouble figuring out where it is coming in from, you can use a hose and water to try and find it. However, you could more damage so be careful! This should be done in a very precise way, so you should consider calling a professional roofer in Colleyville. You should begin with one section of the roof at a time and not the entire roof at once, and allow the water to flow for about 15 minutes without a break. The time portion is essential because if you do not enable it to run long enough then the water may not drip towards the cause of the leak and not show itself.

If you are exploring the source of leakage on your flat roof then be ready to have a lot of tolerance and pay a great deal of consideration to minor looking issues. With this approach, you just might successfully locate the origin of the leak on your flat roofing. If you having trouble and want some professional help, we are just a phone call or mouse click away. As a high-caliber Colleyville roof repair service, our roofers take great pride in sustaining client satisfaction for all types of roofing installation and repair work. Contact us today for your free estimate!

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