"Emergency!" Squad 51 replica in North Texas!

Squad 51 Photo #4

If you're located in the Dallas / Fort Worth metroplex, you may spot this 1991 Dodge D-350 replica of the Rescue Squad 51 from the 1970's show "Emergency!" This particular truck was formerly a service vehicle for the University of Arizona when it was purchased and refurbished by a firefighter/paramedic in California to resemble the truck from the show. He rebuilt the truck and later sold it where it bounced around various auction houses before a private sale to a gentleman in Michigan. He installed several intricate details from the show and other features from the era. The truck has now been purchased by Philip Perdue and Firefighter Roofing to showcase at firefighter and first responder-related charity causes. Funds raised will support DFW Scanner Donates, a North Texas-based 501c3 that supports first responders in various capabilities.

We hope you enjoyed your time with Squad 51. Be sure to look for the truck in your local parade or car show! You can follow along with the truck's journey by joining the Firefighter Roofing Facebook page.

About Us

Firefighter Roofing is a family owned and operated business. Owner Philip Perdue has been a firefighter in the DFW area for over 15 years, and he started the business on the concept of wanting to provide a service to people doing things the right way.

Firefighter Roofing is a business that people can trust, our clients are friends and we pride ourselves on the concept of having morals from the olden days. We are a part of the community and we treat everyone with the highest level of respect, honesty, and appreciation. We believe running a business isn't all about the money, but the connection we have with our customers and a job well done.

We aren't just another roofing company, we are your go-to helping hand from down the street.

DFW Scanner Donates

DFW Scanner Donates is a certified 501c3 nonprofit organization that serves first responders across North Texas. What started out as bottled water delivery to fire stations has grown to now providing equipment to first responders, especially during the pandemic. DFW Scanner Donates will continue to benefit first responders across North Texas with any needs necessary. For more visit, DFW Scanner Donates

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