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    Shingle Replacement & Repair

    We use the highest quality GAF shingles from Timberline. GAF Shingles have proven quality and performance you can trust.
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    House Painting & Repairs

    We do interior and exterior painting projects, as well as various repairs. We can also replace or repair garage doors, patio covers, fences, etc.
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    Gutter Replacement & Repair

    We offer our clients custom gutters in a variety of colors to best fit your home.

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"You don't do it enough to use someone you can't trust!"
About Us
Firefighter Roofing is a family owned and operated business. Owner Philip Perdue has been a firefighter in the DFW area for the last 13 years, and he started the business on the concept of wanting to provide a service to people doing things the right way.

Firefighter Roofing is a business that people can trust, our clients are friends and we pride ourselves on the concept of having morals from the olden days. We are a part of the community and we treat everyone with the highest level of respect, honesty and appreciation. We believe that running a business isnt all about the money, but the connection we have with our customers and a job well done.

We arent just another roofing company, we are your go-to helping hand from down the street.
Firefighter Roofing Images
Firefighter Roofing Images


Here at Firefighter Roofing, we are certified in Ventilation with Lomanco.

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Firefighter Roofing Images
Firefighter Roofing Images
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